SPST Update – September 15th, 2019

Greeting Bethany Church!
We just wanted to take a brief moment to update you on status of our Senior Pastor Search.
The Senior Pastor Search Team, assembled by the Overseers per the bylaws, has been meeting since
August 15th.
Our focus thus far has been on reviewing our process and documents and reflecting on the
first Search Process and discussing ways we can improve the process! While we have received a handful
of applications through word of mouth, we are officially launching our search on September 22nd.
A large amount of time has been spent discussing how we can better equip the Bethany family to stay
connected to the search process and understand what our goal is. We have prepared a couple
documents, with various resources that the Overseer Board and Search Team will use to help guide the
search process, as well as a Bio packet for the Senior Pastor Search Team. These will be available in 3rd
Place at the Senior Pastor Search Kiosk, as well as on the Senior Pastor Search Page on our Website.
We want to hear from you, to answer any questions you have and help you get a clear picture of where
we are headed in this search. To help assure we connect with as many of you as possible the Overseers
and Pastors will be meeting with Grow Groups over the next month to help assure any questions are
answered and to provide a clear understanding of where we are going.
As always, we ask that you be in fervent prayer for our Church, The Search Process and whoever God
will call to be our next Senior Pastor. We are eager to see him move and are earnestly seeking the
leading of the Holy Spirit and the will of God through this process.
We look forward to meeting with many of you as we walk this process together!

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