We are starting a new project with Mercy Justice Ministries. We are doing a church-wide backpack and duffle bag drive for the children that are going to be entering the foster care system this fall. Here are a few things to know about this project we are working on:
  • Pray as a Grow Group or family about how God might use each of us
  • Talk about how many bags you might be able to do. We are hopeful that each group would take a minimum of 2 backpacks and 2 duffel bags. But, please do what you can.
  • If you wanted to buy items and have them shipped to the church this is ok but please communicate with us about this. Here is an amazon link for a list of items you can do this with.
  • We need these bags by August 30 at the latest but hope to get them soon to distribute out asap.
Here is an overview of what the bags will look like:
  • Start off by doing the signup so we can know which bags are being filled, and which ones are still needed. You can sign up here.
  • The backpacks are for school and fun items and the duffel bags are for more clothes and need items like hygiene. The bags are broken down by age, gender, and type of bag.
  • Click Here for a full list of items you can put in each bag
  • Here is an Amazon list of some affordable bags, but if you want to buy local we recommend Games People Play in Onalaska or LaCrosse.
I want to thank you very much for taking the time and serving foster children. I believe God will get the Glory for this and can’t wait to see how He uses this to impact our area and these people that many times are forgotten or overlooked. If you have any questions, please let me know! Thank you for partnering with us on this, and I’m so excited to see what God does with it.
Pastor Billy Hestand