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NOTE TO LEADERS:  Please manage your discussion time so that you can discuss 4) a

  1. Let’s start with reading the text from last week and this week, Philippians 3:1-11. 
      1. How do you think his statement in verse 1 to “Rejoice In The Lord” connects to verses 7-11?
  2. Let’s focus on Pauls’s statement in verse 8 that he considers everything else a loss compared to “knowing Christ as Lord”. What do you think it practically looks like in daily living to consider everything else a loss compared to knowing Christ as Lord?
      1. Read James 2:19. How would you describe knowing who Jesus is compared to knowing him as Lord?
      2. Paul shares that because of Christ being his Lord he has suffered the loss of things and now he thinks of everything else as dung. When you read this verse, how does it make you feel about your relationship with Christ?
          1. How can you make steps toward this mindset? Discuss the struggle.
          2. Read these verse to help discuss this question: Philippians 2:8-11, Hebrews 11:6, Matthew 4:10, Romans 10:8-10
  3. In verse 10 Paul said his goal was to Know Jesus. Look up the Greek words for “knowing” from verse 8 and “know” from verse 10. (Use After looking up the verse there, use the interlinear tool to look up both words and their meanings) What stands out to you about the differences between the meaning of these two words? 
      1. Why do you think Paul uses two different words in what he is telling us about his relationship with God?
      2. What do you think it means to “know God intimately”, as the Greek word from verse 10 describes for us?
          1. What makes this a struggle in your life?
      3. Paul says he wants to “know the power of His resurrection.” How does knowing God and his power affect your daily life.
  4. Leaders, instead of a normal prayer request time, please focus your prayer time to pray for each person’s response to this last question. Please allow time for the answers and prayer time. 
      1. If there was one thing God was asking you to change in your own relationship with him right now in your own life, what would that be and how can we as a group pray for you to see that happen?

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