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Open Questions (10-15 mins):

Pastor Thad spoke Sunday about Frank Wright and how he gave glory to Christ in his success, as he became a hero by leading the Buffalo Bills to achieving the greatest comeback in NFL history.

  • When has there been a time where you were impacted by someone’s testimony or public adoration/public mentioning of Christ?
  • (Think Tim Tebow; VP Pence at a rally; some TV personality; or someone’s testimony at church)
  • Where would you like to live, other than dear old La Crosse County and why?

Read Text or Portions of Text to Group: (Phil 3:12-4:1)

Small Group “Review” Questions (15-20 mins):

Pastor Thad commented that the apostle Paul desires us all to strive in our Christian walk.

  • What are your thoughts about striving to know Christ in the 3 areas mentioned?
    • Know experientially as Lord and Savior-fully committed heart and mind to Christ as Lord-your great treasure
    • Know experientially in living out a Christ-following life, even if suffering is involved (sanctification)
    • Living life looking forward to heaven or the resurrection and glorification of our bodies

According to the sermon, pastor Thad said Paul, “never got over Jesus saving him” and that allowed Paul the motivation to strive for Christ.

  • Do you think we “get over” our salvation too quickly and if so why and if so, how do you think we can get our fire of gratitude back?
    • How does focus and thinking or meditation play into this?
    • How might giving to the church play into this?
    • How might serving in the church play into this?
  • Do you think the church should speak more about “future grace” or “heaven” or “end times” as a way to encourage thinking positively about the future and “stoking the fire” of seeing Jesus again? If so, why? If not, why not? What are the positives and negatives?

Small Group “Thinking Deeper” Questions (10-15 mins)

Read Phil. 3:18-21

Consider the internal struggle we all have with our minds being on earthly things verses heavenly things as our citizenship is there and then share with the group the challenges that we all have.

  • How practically, can we begin to address our mental focus?

Leaders: consider and utilize Matt 6:21 and Matt 25:14-30, in that it speaks to our resources, both physical (money) and our time and talents (things of great value and virtue) and how our utilization of them can hone our heavenly focus or kingdom focus.

Small Group Application Question (10-15 mins):

  • What is one thing that we, as a group, can hold you accountable to do between this meeting and the next, regarding this sermon?
    • Is there something you need to think more about? How will you do this, how can we hold you to this?
    • Is there something that you need to do?
    • Is there someone you need to talk to?


Pray over the group and be specific as you can as you pray about the group applying the text based on your conversation.

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