Grow Group Questions • Philippians 2:1-11 • JoyFull

  1. Who is the most humble person you have ever met? Briefly describe why you think of them as being humble. 
  2. Read Philippians 2:1-11 What stands out to you about this section of scripture?
      1. Read Philippians 1:27. What similarities do you see between 1:27 and 2:1-2? Why do you think Paul is focusing on unity so much?
      2. How do humility and unity work together? Can you have unity without humility?
  3. In the sermon, Pastor David shared that the concept of humility was completely foreign to Romans and Greeks, and that they didn’t even have a word to fully describe it. Do you think our modern culture values humility? Or that our modern culture has an accurate understanding of what humility is?
      1. Pastor David shared this quote on Sunday: “humility is not thinking less of ourselves, but is really not thinking of ourselves at all.” Do you agree with this definition of humility? Why or why not? How would you describe humility?
      2. Read Romans 12:10. Do you think of honor as something to outdo each other in? How can we be outdoing both those in the church and those outside the church in honor right now? How are honor and humility connected?
      3. Read Philippians 2:4. How can someone “not look to their own interests, but rather to the interests of others”? What does that look like? What does that not look like?
  4. Read Philippians 2:3. How would you define selfishness? Can you think of examples of things we ourselves do, or have done, from ambition, conceit, or looking to our own interests?
      1. Can you think of some specific times that you think Jesus would have been tempted to be selfish? How did he respond? 
      2. In what ways could Christ be our inspiration when it comes to resisting selfishness? 
      3. Is there a specific area or time when you find yourself most tempted to be selfish?
  5. Paul calls us to have the same attitude of Christ in verse 5. Does this principle of having the “same way of thinking as Christ” apply to all areas of our lives, or just some? How does it factor into your decisions? (for example, where to live, where to go to school, what to major in, what jobs to apply for or careers to pursue, whom to marry, etc.)
      1. What does having the “attitude of Christ” look like in our relationships with each other?
  6. Jesus gave up many things to save us on the cross. Are there things that you are struggling to give up to live out the gospel? What is a specific aspect of being more Christ-like that you would like to improve on this week? Take some time to pray about this for each other as a group.

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