Going Deeper • Psalm 23 • Through The Valley

Read through Psalm 23 before each Going Deeper Study, then look at the specific verses being emphasized for “Going Deeper”.
Going Deeper #1 –  The Shepherd
Read Psalm 23, let’s start with focusing on verse 1. 
What does it mean when David says “The Lord is my Shepherd”? Read these verses where God describes himself as the Shepherd. 
Psalm 95:6-9, Isaiah 40:10-11, 
What does he say comes with him being our shepherd and our role in responding as sheep? What does this tell you about God? Why do you think God used this picture to describe himself to his church? How does this affect how you see and respond to God and circumstances in your life right now?
Going Deeper #2 – The Good Shepherd
Read Psalm 23, look at the closing words of verse 6
Read John 10:1-15
Jesus takes the idea of the Shepherd and expounds on it, as he tells us so much about who he is as the shepherd. Make a list of everything you see Jesus tells you about himself that makes him the good shepherd in John 10. What role do you see Jesus takes on as the Shepherd? What stands out to you the most and why? Turn to prayer and begin to thank Jesus for the things he does as the shepherd. Use your list as your starting point. 
Going Deeper #3 – The Lost Sheep
Read Psalm 23
Read Matthew 18:10-14 and Luke 15:1-7
What do these stories tell you about the type of Shepherd Jesus is. If you are honest, does this story surprise you? Do you find anything that you struggle with this story? Why? What is your favorite part of this story and why? What does this tell you about the love the Shepherd feels for the sheep? What does this tell you about what Jesus feels for you and does for you?
Spend some time in prayer right now ask Jesus to help you see, feel, and understand this type of love. 
Going Deeper #4 – The Sheep
Read Psalm 23
Get ready to read John 10:1-15 again.
Before when we read John 10 we focused on who Jesus showed himself to be as the good shepherd. Right now as you read it again, read it to see what Jesus says about you as his sheep. What does he say his sheep do? What do his sheep not do? Ask yourself, how you are responding to the shepherd in your life right now, what is one way you feel you can respond to what Jesus might be asking you today. Spend some time sharing that with God and asking for his help. 

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