Going Deeper • JoyFull • Philippians 1:1-8

Download PDF Read through Philippians 1:2-9 before each Going Deeper Study, then look at the specific verses being emphasized for “Going Deeper”.
Going Deeper #1 –  Joy/Rejoice
As we start this week in a new series going through the book of Philippians, Take this first Going Deeper time and read through the whole book of Philippians. It’s a short book so it won’t take you too long. As you read through it circle or mark every time Paul talks about Joy or Rejoice. 
Do you see a theme in each of these times he uses it? What do you think that tells you about what God is calling us to in Joy and Rejoicing?
Going Deeper #2 – Rejoice In the Lord
Read Philippians 1:1-8, read again just verse 6.
Paul uses the phrase “Rejoice in the Lord” in Philippians, but it’s a phrase we see echoed in many other places in the Bible. Read Philippians 3:1, 4:4, Psalm 32:11, Isaiah 61:10, Romans 12:12, Habakkuk 3:18. In light of Philippians 1:6, what do you think these verses mean when they say “rejoice in the Lord”? What is God inviting us to and how do you think you can walk that with him?
Going Deeper #3 – Count It All Joy
Read Philippians 1:1-8, read again just verse 6.
Read James 1:2-8. James uses the Phrase “count it all Joy” or “consider it pure joy”. What do you think that phrase means? Is there anything else in that section that might give us an idea of what he is calling us to? Why do you think he mentions that call specifically for suffering? How does Philippians 1:6 give us an understanding of this all in our lives from God? Is there something God is calling you to in light of this?
Going Deeper #4 – The Joy of The Lord Is Your Strength
Read Philippians 1:1-8, read again just verse 6.
Read as short Story from Nehemiah 8:1-12
In this story the people of God are gathered, finally coming back to their land and are about to read the Law of God. They had been living in sin, and their families before them and they were now coming to hear what God was asking of them. There is a phrase in verse 10, look for the phrase “For The Joy Of The Lord Is Your Strength”.  Take time to read it and focus on this line in light of the whole story.
After reading this: Why did the Levites (the spiritual and worship leaders) tell the people this phrase? What did they want them to see about God and Joy? What is God telling you through that about Joy and your relationship with him? What might God be asking of you as you study this story more? How do you think Philippians 1:6 reflects this as well?

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